What is crossfit?

Crossfit as a workout regimen is described as Constantly varied function movements Performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains with the main goal of increasing fitness, which is defined as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. 

In a nut shell, crossfit is trying to prepare people for any and all challenges that one might come across in the world. We realize that the needs of a professional athlete and 40 year old mother of 2, varies by intensity, but not type. A professional football player needs to be able to push linemen off the line of scrimmage, while the mother may just want to push her kids on the swing. The movement and muscles involved are similar, but vary in intensity.

During a crossfit class, you will be tested in all sorts of challenges. These range from gymnastics movements, to weightlifting, to cardio. There is always an instructor there to help guide you through the movements and make sure you are safe, while still improving your fitness.